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12 Days of Christmas: Indoor Garden Design joined Nurture Landscapes

During the summer of 2021, Surrey based Nurture Landscapes purchased leading interior landscaping specialist, Indoor Garden Design.

CEO of Nurture Landscapes, Peter Fane, explained his excitement for the teams to join forces and begin working together due to both companies having acquired decades of experience, and Indoor Garden Design’s story being inspiring, “drawing parallels with Nurture’s own.”

Indoor Garden Design became Nurture Landscapes’ 28th acquisition overall. The combination of expertise represented an opportunity for both companies to enhance their presence across the UK, further develop, and “reinforce the interior landscaping division of Nurture Landscapes” David Grace, director of Indoor Garden Design, explained.

The plan for the remaining part of the year allowed for Indoor Garden Design to continue trading as Indoor Garden Design from their Highgate premises in North London, before moving key operations to Nurture’s Upminster site and rebranding as Nurture in the Autumn.

Pippa Robinson, Indoor Garden Design director, described the decision to partner with Nurture Landscapes as “perfect for an exciting future.” She added, “it felt like it was a good time to step away to allow for further development with a larger organisation.”

David Grace, also an Indoor Garden Design director, added: “We have a strong team of bright and talented technicians, managers and support staff with many years of experience and masses of potential to now develop their skills within a larger organisation, sharing their positive experience gained in a smaller family business.”

We look forward to seeing what the new year brings for Nurture Landscapes, and how the workings of the joined expertise will flourish.

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