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12 Days of Christmas – June 2020

Lockdown continued as we published our June issue. We spoke to Duncan Carrier of Carrier Landscapes on how his company is proving resilient in the face of adversity. We also shared ideas for upskilling throughout furlough, including courses which had scrapped their fee for a limited period.

Angus Lindsay spoke about how people’s changing perceptions of green spaces could alter the way we design these spaces in the future, whilst Andrew Wilson shared a newfound passion for online learning as the London College of Garden Design was still unable to welcome back its students.

What else?

June was a pivotal month for many. George Floyd’s death at the end of May sparked protests across the globe, as people demanded equality and respect for those from BAME backgrounds. Garden designer Claire Vokins, infuriated by the horticultural industry’s lack of response to the #BlackLivesMatter campaign, called for change. She interviewed Marcellus Baz about his experiences of the industry and its inclusivity.

June also saw the RHS cancel its 2021 shows at Chatsworth and Cardiff after it experienced significant losses from lockdown and ongoing restrictions. BALI, on the other hand, launched its Restart & Rebuild strategy for its members, with the end of complete lockdown in sight.

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