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12 Days of Christmas Pro Landscaper Review – April

April 2012

Sam Hassall, the UK’s only dedicated specialist landscape cost consultant, writes a review of the costs involved in a particular element of landscaping each month. In April Sam focused on the costs of clearing a site of both soft and hard landscaping.

Clearing a site can often be seen as a ‘hidden cost’ – it may be something that isn’t adequately factored in to the cost of a job. However it can be a time consuming and expensive process. Sam uses detailed tables, equations and figures that are fully transferable, landscapers are able to simply insert the correct figures for a job in order to arrive at an approximate cost.

The specific costs which are focused on are:

  • the application of herbicide – which Sam suggests should be applied to the site a few weeks before the clearance operation commences.
  • the removal of sprayed turf – once the turf has been killed off it needs to be removed and disposed of.
  • demolition of hard surfaces – either by hand or by machine, the site must be cleared of any hard surfaces.
  • disposal of hard surfaces – using a skip or grab, the hard surfaces need to be loaded, removed and disposed of.

To read the full article, see pages 12-13 in April’s magazine here

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