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12 reasons why you need to enter the Pro Landscaper small project BIG IMPACT Awards

If you’re considering entering the Pro Landscaper small project BIG IMPACT Awards in 2019, here’s 12 reasons why you should put your project forward.

  1. Employee motivation/Rewarding for staff
    Awards are a fantastic way to recognise the work your employees do. Even if you’re not a winner, employees will appreciate the fact that you feel their work was worth entering. This can help to increase motivation and staff morale

2. Improve client retention
Being shortlisted for an industry award is the best way of showcasing your business. It lets your clients know that you’re amongst the best in the business, and it’s worth working with you.

3. Free marketing, publicity and exposure
Just being shortlisted can improve brand awareness and promote your services to a host of potential customers.

4. A reason to communicate with clients and potential clients
Keeping in contact with your clients and potential clients is vitally important. Entering an award means you can let them know you’ve entered, been shortlisted and even won!

5. Recruiting staff
Winning awards boosts your hiring stature. If you are the best in the business, the best will want to work with and for you.

6. Attract new/more business
Being shortlisted for awards indicates that you are a trusted business. Businesses that regularly enter, and win, awards have reported increased sales and income. Also, successful businesses want to work with successful businesses.

7. Boost reputation
Winning an award is guaranteed to put your business in front of people that matter.

8. Benchmark against peers
By entering awards, you will find out where you are in comparison to your peers.

9. Stronger positioning against competitors
Sometimes, an award win is the difference between you getting a contract, or your competitor.

10. Badge of quality
Having a sign to say you won on your promotional material will stick in the mind of potential clients. Displaying it with pride also lets clients know you care about your work.

11. Networking

Pro Landscaper’s small project BIG IMPACT Awards are a great networking opportunity as not only will you meet people at the ceremony but the awards take place at FutureScape, the UK’s leading landscaping trade event.

12. Leads to investment
If you’re looking at selling your business, having award nominations and wins plays to your advantage. Investors will know it’s worth working with you.


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