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Over 23,000 football fields worth of natural habitat to be secured by biodiversity laws

New biodiversity laws are set to secure over 23,000 football fields worth of natural habitat – equivalent to over 15,000ha in England – each year, says one digital solutions supplier.

In research conducted by Joe’s Blooms, the new biodiversity legislation being introduced in November will create an additional 8,500 football pitches worth of natural habitat, and avoid the loss of over 15,000 pitches of biodiversity territory each year. 

The analysis shows that the south east and east of England are set to gain the highest boosts in biodiversity, with approximately 2,700ha in the south east, and 1,900ha in the east.

Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester are among metropolitan districts set to see an increase in green spaces attributed to the continued expansion of new developments. 

“Biodiversity Net Gain provides the housebuilding sector with an opportunity to contribute to the UK’s biodiversity. For the first time, new developments will result in the reappearance of nature in our local communities,” says Dr Robin McArthur, chair of the Joe’s Blooms advisory board. 

“This analysis demonstrates that biodiversity and nature recovery can be a central part of housing development. It’s important that developers of all sizes are supported to deliver these ambitious targets that will create more green spaces and enhance plants and wildlife.” 

The research referenced is based on new analysis of Local Planning Authority data.

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