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30 Under 30 – A catch up with Laura McArthur

by | 27 Mar 24 | Garden Design, Long Reads

With many goals and aspirations that she’s eager to achieve within her horticultural career, Laura McArthur was aware of the challenges she would face. At the time, working alongside others who had previously been awarded the Pro Landscaper 30 Under 30 award, McArthur says it was encouraging to see the difference it had made in their careers and knew that entering the award would give her access to networking with some of the leading people within the industry and help her on her career path.

“Winning this award was the catalyst of moving my career from where it was to where I am now. It allowed me to network with other young people within the industry, which in turn gave me a better understanding of how each sector contributes to the industry,” says McArthur.

Since winning the award as part of the 2022 class, McArthur has completed her studies in RHS Level 3 diploma and garden design qualifications with Capel Manor College. In the summer of last year, she also competed in her second flower show at BBC Gardeners’ World Live where McArthur took part in the Beautiful Borders Competition and was awarded a silver-merit for her border. “I really enjoy being a part of flower shows as it allows me to share my knowledge with people wanting to create beautiful outdoor spaces.”

McArthur then moved out of London to Gloucestershire where she landed the great opportunity of lecturing in horticulture at Pershore College where her role consists of planning and preparing teaching material and then delivering this to horticulture and landscaping apprentices in order to prepare them for various roles within the industry.

McArthur was also appointed as one of the industry coordinators for the Young People in Horticulture Association (YPHA). “It’s a truly wonderful organisation that brings young people in the industry together to better facilitate collaboration, education and innovation with a particular focus on encouraging more young people to join the industry,” says McArthur.

Short-term, McArthur’s goals are to enjoy things where she stands – to continue learning and growing not only in her career but within herself.

But long-term, McArthur says this is more difficult to pinpoint. “I once sat in on a talk by Alan Titchmarsh, who pointed out that it was important to not walk down a corridor full of doors to just go through the one at the end, but to open all of those doors as you never know where they may take you; some of them may even get you to that door at the end of the corridor. This is something I have lived by ever since and I will happily jump at any opportunity that opens its door to me.”

Being a young person in the industry can be quite daunting, but McArthur has discovered that there are many opportunities out there and the 30 Under 30 award can be a great way of putting yourself in a position to grab and harness those opportunities. “Don’t hesitate to apply – the Pro Landscaper 30 Under 30 award helps young people to grow their careers in ways that we all dream of,” says McArthur.

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