30 Under 30 Update: Lexi Harrison

Pro Landscape speaks with 30 Under 30 winner, Lexi Harrison, about taking on a more versatile role

Lexi Harrison won the 30 Under 30 Awards in 2016 when she was just 26. She was originally employed as a business development executive, responsible for researching organisations and individual decision makers to identify new leads and markets.

Since then, Lexi has progressed to focus more on developing the company internally. As Wright Landscapes has transitioned to no longer needing to place such a large focus on going out and winning work, Lexi has adapted with the company and has naturally progressed to playing a bigger role in how the company operates internally, which has proved to be one of her strengths.

Lexi is now responsible “for developing the business in other ways, such as marketing material, employee development, award submissions, compliance with industry bodies to ensure we gain/maintain industry standards such as ISO and Achilles.” And it’s paying off – Wright Landscapes recently scooped five BALI National Landscape Awards.

“I am very conscious about what I do with a passion and motivation to be as good as I can be to allow me to succeed in my role. Whether this is generating new ideas, social value commitments, [or anything else], I want to do this to my best capability.” Lexi is “committed to delivering my best…whether this has been adaptation within the business or by the challenges faced as a working parent of two kids.”

Naturally, there have been some challenges along the way, one being that the industry can appear male dominant. One way she overcame this challenge is by coming “out of my comfort zone at times to ensure I can thrive with confidence.” She adds that “it is very refreshing to see more females joining this sector,” something which is reflected in Pro Landscaper’s 30 Under 30: The Next Generation for 2022 which has nearly half (43%) of winners identifying as female.

When asked why young people should enter the industry, Lexi says: “It is empowering to have more and more of the younger generation enter the horticulture sector. We need to nurture and develop this generation of landscapers to lead us into the next chapter of landscaping. Apprentices form a vital part of the industry, allowing us to develop skillset from grass roots, positively impacting the standard and knowledge within the horticulture sector.”

Lexi is a great example of how adapting to change can mark a positive career step and continue to enhance an already thriving company.

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