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    Doddington Hall’s biennial sculpture exhibition returns for 2016

    Returning for the third time, Doddington Hall’s biennial sculpture exhibition has become a popular fixture on Lincolnshire’s summer event calendar, appealing to all age groups. This year, the exhibition will take place between Saturday 30 July and Sunday 11 September (open daily) and represents the chance to enjoy one of the largest exhibitions of outdoor art in the country.

    There will also be an indoor exhibition located in Doddington Hall’s expanded Granary Barn.

    Work by 74 leading national and international sculptors will be featured; 33 are returning exhibitors (with new work) and 41 are new to the event. Between them, they will be loaning the 450 original and inspirational pieces which will be displayed in the Elizabethan property’s grounds. All the work will be appearing at the exhibition for the first time and will be new to the county.

    Currently being curated and organised ahead of its summer launch, early confirmations of pieces suggest that the event will be bold and brave with strong colour. Featured sculptors will include Rebecca Newham, Lucy Strachan, Peter Little and Nicolas Morton.

    The pieces will be carefully sited to complement the Elizabethan gardens and grounds. There will be a wide range of work and styles spanning classic, modern and contemporary. Mediums include marble, stone, water, bronze, ceramics, glass, rubber and even artificial grass.

    The exhibition first took place at Doddington Hall in 2012, and returned in 2014. It has attracted thousands of visitors and given a lot of enjoyment to people of all ages.

    The exhibition will be open every day Saturday 30 July and Sunday 11 September and is included in the cost of garden admission. A full colour exhibition catalogue and guide will be available; all pieces will be for sale.

    For more details www.doddingtonhall.com or call 01522 694 308.

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