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5 Key Trends in Decking Design

by | 04 Jun 24 | Domestic Landscaping, Partner Content | 0 comments

In the evolving world of landscape design, decking has become a central feature in creating versatile and aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces. As designers strive to meet the diverse needs of their clients, several trends have emerged, setting the standard for contemporary decking projects.

Below, we explore five key trends that are shaping the world of decking design, offering inspiration for creating stunning and functional outdoor living environments.


Outdoor Kitchens and Entertainment Areas


One of the most significant trends in decking design is the incorporation of outdoor kitchens and entertainment areas. As homeowners seek to expand their living spaces, decks are being transformed into multifunctional areas for cooking, dining, and socialising.

High-quality decking materials that withstand the elements, such as Millboard, are ideal for these spaces. Millboard’s durability and ease of maintenance make it perfect for areas that see frequent use. Design elements like built-in grills, countertops, and comfortable seating can seamlessly integrate with the deck, creating an inviting atmosphere for gatherings and culinary adventures.


Millboard Enhanced Grain resin mineral composite decking in Ashwood and Ebony.


Biophilic Design


Biophilic design emphasises the integration of nature into the built environment. This approach uses materials and design elements that mimic natural forms and textures. For example, Millboard decking, hand-moulded from the finest oak masters, perfectly replicates the look and feel of natural wood without the associated maintenance drawbacks.

Designers are incorporating live plants, green walls, and organic shapes into deck structures to foster a sense of tranquillity and well-being. Natural textures and earthy tones create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces, encouraging a harmonious relationship with nature.


Millboard Weathered Oak resin mineral composite decking in Embered.


Multi-Level Decking


Multi-level decking is gaining popularity as it adds dimension and interest to outdoor spaces. This design trend allows for the creation of distinct zones within a deck, each serving different purposes. For example, one level might be dedicated to dining, another to lounging, and a third to a hot tub or fire pit area.

Using high-quality decking materials that can adapt to various elevations and designs is crucial for these projects. Millboard’s flexible and robust decking boards and sub structures are well-suited for multi-level structures, providing a cohesive look while maintaining structural integrity.


Millboard Enhanced Grain resin mineral composite decking in Burnt Cedar with Envello Shadow Line+ resin mineral composite Cladding in Limed Oak.


Customisation and Personalisation


As clients seek to express their unique styles and preferences, customisation and personalisation in decking design have become essential. Designers are increasingly tasked with creating bespoke deck layouts that reflect the homeowner’s personality and lifestyle. This can include custom railings, built-in seating, planters, and lighting.

Millboard’s extensive range of colours and finishes offers designers the flexibility to tailor decks to individual tastes, ensuring that each project stands out. Personal touches such as bespoke patterns, engraved motifs, colour-coordinated furniture, and unique lighting solutions can transform a standard deck into a personalised outdoor haven.


Millboard Enhanced Grain resin mineral composite decking in a combination of all colour options.


Sustainable and Low-Maintenance Solutions


Sustainability is a key concern for modern homeowners; durable decking materials that require minimal upkeep. Millboard decking, made in Britain, contains over a third of recycled material and uses renewable energy in its production process. Its durability and resistance to weathering mean it retains its appearance without the need for regular staining or sealing.


Millboard Enhanced Grain resin mineral composite decking in Ebony Grey.


Incorporating these trends into your decking designs not only enhances the functionality and beauty of outdoor spaces but also aligns with contemporary lifestyle preferences. By selecting innovative materials like Millboard resin mineral composite decking, landscape designers can create decks that are both visually stunning and practical, meeting the evolving needs of their clients. As these trends continue to develop, staying informed and adaptable will be key to delivering exceptional outdoor living environments.

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