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Top 5 tips to get the most out of this landscaping season

by | 18 Mar 24 | Domestic Landscaping, Long Reads

Ahead of this year’s landscaping season, UK landscape supplier Talasey says preparation is “more important than ever.”

National sales manager, Peter O’Loughlin says that the feedback from its merchant customers and landscapers suggest that 2024 could be a year of “solid performance” for those businesses that are prepared.

“The fact remains that sectors such as ours are well versed in having a raft of contingencies to deal with a wide range of business interruptions,” says O’Loughlin.

“We have been planning for this year’s landscaping season for months to ensure seamless continuity in relation to the availability of products, stock levels and bringing new products to market.”

The Scunthorpe-based company has shared five essential tips to help merchants and landscapers make the most out of this landscaping season.


5. Ensuring displays are looking tip-top

Making sure displays are well stocked and clean, with the correct point of sale and products. A quick audit of product display could be the difference between getting the right products in the customers hands and not.


4. Landscaping trends

Keeping a finger on the pulse of landscaping trends could help merchants understand what the latest trends are that landscapers are looking for and what products and tools they could need.


3. Alternative products

If the availability of a particular product becomes an issue, what alternatives are there? Talasey notes that some landscapers are used to working with 20 mm porcelain pavers, but an increasing number are switching to 16 mm.

Different shades or size formats of a product could also be considered to increase variety.


2. Having the right accessories

Having the right accessories as well as products will enable landscapers to have everything they need to help them install a project, such as clip systems for decking, jointing compound, jointing grout and priming slurry for paving.


1. Talk to customers to gain insight into potential products they need

It is not just about establishing what products landscapers need right now, but finding out if the project may be extended, as well as any potential projects on the horizon.

O’Loughlin reiterates that “preparation will be the key to a busy landscaping season this year,” and that these “simple but effective” tips can “go a long way to making a big difference to sales of landscaping products.”

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