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6 Egg-cellent Houseplants for Easter

After a long and difficult winter, it is clear we are all in desperate need of some colour and cheer – spring is finally here! Houseplants are a great way of decorating your home and table for Easter. They are an excellent gift for the season as Easter symbolises rebirth and hope – very much needed! Here is a selection from Ian Drummond that perfectly echo the occasion.

1 Lilium Longiflorum (Easter Lily)

A beautiful plant for show at Easter. With their large white trumpet-shaped flowers that let out a wonderful fragrance, and the thick rigid stem covered in narrow dark green leaves, it is no wonder they are so loved.

2 Asplenium nidus (Bird’s nest fern)

Bright green leaves on the bird’s nest fern are neatly arranged in a spreading rosette with light green crinkled fronds that rise from a central rosette. This resembles a bird’s nest, hence the name!

3 Medinilla Magnifica (Rose Grape)

These beautiful and exotic pink chandelier like blooms cascading down from the dark waved foliage will always provide a talking point. It is known as the Philippine Orchid, as it naturally grows in the humid tropical mountains of the Philippines.

4 Gerbera jamesonii (Gerbera daisy)

These bright and vivid coloured flowers are native to South Africa. Their attractive and long-lasting blooms are real attention seekers – perfectly explaining why they are a popular cut and Easter gift.

5 Begonia maculata (Polka dot plant)

The stunning Begonia brings colour, texture and pattern with long dark foliage. It also has a contrasting burgundy underside!

6 Narcissus (Tete a Tete)

One of the most popular dwarf daffodil varieties that boast perfectly formed and very fragrant flowers. The pale-yellow petals and even brighter yellow trumpets truly shout “spring has arrived!”

Ian Drummond is creative director of In-tray Plants and Indoor Garden Design. He is an RHS Chelsea Flower Show multi-medal winner and co-author of At Home with Plant.

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