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6 Reasons Why The ExCeL London is a Sustainable Venue and Ideal for the FutureScape Expo 2020

by | 28 Feb 20 | Community, Features, News


Last November, we announced that FutureScape, the UK’s largest landscaping show, will be no longer be held at Sandown Park Racecourse, and the new setting needed to align with the company’s ethics and sustainability practices.

With the ExCeL London being selected to play host to the two-day event, here are some of the reasons why the ExCeL is a sustainable, ideal venue for FutureScape 2020:

  1. Between January and December 2017, the ExCeL recycled more than 2,615t of waste. Further assisting with recycling, dedicated bins can be located on site and in its offices for mixed recyclables, general waste, cardboard, plastic and food bins.
  2. Efforts are focused into using its resources efficiently and reducing waste, ensuring that event objectives are delivered, but with minimal impact on the environment.
  3. In 2019, around 200,000 fewer single use plastic bottles were used in the ExCeL, thanks to new water fountains permitting visitors to refill their own bottles.
  4. From October 2020, 100% of the venue’s electricity supply will come from renewable energy sources. Alongside this all light fittings have been replaced with LED eco-friendly lighting over the past five years, resulting in a 70% energy saving per fitting.
  5. It has a zero waste-to-landfill policy. Over half its waste is recycled whist the rest is used to create renewable energy.
  6. Keeping visitors and delegates ready for productive and engaging experiences is crucial. ExCeL London Hospitality is currently working to improve the nutritional value of the food offerings, provide diversity and reduce the impact the food has on the environment. In 2020, its target is to reduce red meat consumption at ExCeL by 50%; 25% of menus are already vegan or vegetarian and all its menus use a minimum of 80% British seasonal fruit and vegetables.

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