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    6 things to keep in mind when reading a CV

    Once you’ve created your job description and advertised the vacancy the next step is to analyse the CV’s you have received. This can be difficult when you are going through lots and your not sure what you should be looking for. Below we’ve put together a list of 6 helpful hints to help you read a CV.  


    1. Look for any gaps in employment dates – these can be a red flag, but the candidate may also have a good reason for them.


    2. Check spelling, grammar and writing ability – these skills may not always be a priority for the position, but it still important to take note of.


    3. Look at the job levels throughout their career – see how their responsibilities tie into the role they are applying for. Look at what their experience is in and what areas they made need training in. 


    4. Check whether the CV states their career objectives – e.g. are they looking for progression in their next role? Is this is something you can offer them.


    5. Don’t overlook any hobbies and interest – they can tell you a lot about a person and can show extra qualities that can benefit your business.


    6. Do more research – don’t always take a CV at face value, check to see if they have a LinkedIn profile and if it matches their CV.

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