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7 tips for conducting a good interview

Conducting an interview can be daunting for the interviewer as much as the interviewee. Below we’ve put together seven questions and things to keep in mind when interviewing your next potential candidate.

1.Be clear about the role – make sure the candidate knows what the role involves, working hours, benefits, salary etc


2.Ask experienced based questions – such as “ give me an example of when you have…”, then either ask them to explain further or use the “STAR” method, what is the Situation, what was the Target, what Action was taken and what was the Result


3.Ask technical questions – not only about the role and knowledge required but also about the environment/team they like to work within


4.What are they looking for and what can they bring to the role – also ask what training they will need at the start of their position and then to be competent in the role


5.Ask about their previous job – not only their role there but what they enjoyed and disliked the most and why they are looking to leave/have left


6. Ask about strengths and weaknesses – a standard interview question, but it can tell you a lot about a person


7.How do they think others view them – what would their colleagues say about them in the workplace

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