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    The Royal Parks have created a Music for Trees app

    The Royal Parks have collaborated with the Royal Academy of Music to create the Music for Trees app. The app will allow visitors to listen to music under the trees of The Regent’s Park as well as learning about the trees.
    The geo-location app will come to life in Gloucester Gate, situated in the north-east corner of The Regent’s Park. This area of parkland is home to over 30 species of trees that include walnut, hornbeam, ash and London plane.
    The initiative was the idea of The Royal Parks’ Arboricultural Officer, Matt Steinmann. He wanted visitors to notice the trees that surround them in a new and interactive way. He invited students from the nearby Royal Academy of Music to compose music inspired by different species of tree, to create an immersive audio experience.
    Each tree has been given a musical signature, created using acoustic instruments as well as electronically created sounds. Where canopies of trees overlap multiple playbacks will create a layering effect.
    As people stroll through the music will change dependent on the species, age and other characteristics of the trees. The app will also provide users with information about the different types of tree, the composers and the compositions.
    Matt said:
    “I came up with the idea for Music for Trees while I was surveying trees. I tend to listen to music while I work, and sometimes the music seems a perfect accompaniment. I took the next step and imagined whether music could be composed for trees.”
    Visitors can download the free app from the Google play or Apple app by searching for ‘Music for Trees.’
    If the app proves popular, there are plans to roll the initiative out to other Royal Parks.
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