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A grand slam of a day for Green-tech and BALI Award Winners at Wimbledon

by | 20 May 22 | News

BALI Awards

BALI Awards headline sponsor Green-tech has resumed its annual VIP tour of Wimbledon All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet for all Principal award winners.

Supported by ICL, Green-tech hosted 11 principal award winners in a behind the scenes tour of the world-famous facility last week.

This is the fourth time that Green-tech has organised this tour as a celebration for the BALI award winners. Head of Courts and Horticulture, Neil Stubley and Head Gardener, Martyn Falconer delivered an informative presentation and tour of the facilities which were well received by the guests.

Rosemary Coldstream of Rosemary Coldstream Garden Design comments: “It was a great day.  Really interesting to hear about the way they manage the events in regard to planting and their sustainable initiatives for recycling the temporary plants. The court lawns are extreme horticulture – an amazing scientific feat. I loved meeting the other BALI winners and chatting to them about their businesses and how winning an award has helped them.”

Lucy Osman from NAO Landscapes adds: “Wow! What we would do to have a lawn like that! A brilliant day out; it was fantastic and incredibly inspiring to see what hard work and attention goes into the gardens and of course those perfect courts at Wimbledon.  It was also fantastic to meet some other BALI award winners and the Green-tech team.”

Tony Benger from Tony Benger Landscaping continues: “I found it fascinating as to the program of work that is involved in the preparation for the championship; it is mind-blowing. The facts and figures were very interesting.”

William Goddard from Goddard’s concludes: “We had a fantastic time with so much inspirational information in the run up to the Wimbledon tournament and beyond!  So many highlights; from meeting likeminded companies to all the facts on mowers, tennis courts, and planting regimes.”

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