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A growing recognition of biophilia is driving Planteria success

Planteria, one of the UK’s largest and most experienced commercial planting experts, says a growing recognition of the benefits of plants in the workplace is driving uptake of innovative new systems such as Mobilane’s LivePicture, LivePanel and LiveDivider.

A family run business preparing to celebrate its 40 anniversary in 2017, Planteria was one of the first commercial planting companies in the UK. Based in Stansted, the company operates polytunnels, a greenhouse and a floristry workshop, and has a nationwide network of technicians.

“The importance of biophilia in the work environment is growing,” explains Katie Le Chevalier, Business Development Manager at Planteria. “People increasingly understand that plants are not a nice-to-have, but are an essential item for the wellbeing of staff. This makes Mobilane products very relevant. There is definitely a growing trend that Mobilane products are perfectly suited to addressing.

“Planteria’s heritage and success has been founded on being innovative. We are all about delivering innovations and systems that inspire people, which is why we have been impressed with Mobilane products as we feel they are in line with our business. They are design-led and very much about creating beautiful spaces and environments for people to work in that are modern, different and fresh.

“LivePicture is a product gaining a lot of favourable attention. People love them. They don’t take up any floor space and they provide a healthy environment for the plants to survive. We are also big advocates of the LivePanel system, but for clients who maybe cannot accommodate a full living wall, we can offer a similar effect by using LivePicture.”

Research has already shown that plants in the workplace improve productivity and reduce stress levels, particularly in cities where there is limited access to green spaces and parks, or where workers are denied a natural view out of the window.

“If you don’t have a lot of floor space available, putting plants on walls or using plants on room dividers is a very creative way of incorporating plants,” continues Katie Le Chevalier. “But there is no one size fits all. We work on a consultancy basis. Some clients know exactly what they want, others will be using fit out and design companies. We work with the designer and their mood board to deliver what works best with their scheme, or it could be that we go in to give somebody a new idea for a facelift, or we might suggest ideas as we renew a contract, so there are a number of touch points. We work to budget and to client or designer colour schemes and deliver what’s best for the project.”

Planteria has a diverse client portfolio and does a lot of work within the hotel and corporate sector, large banks, insurance companies, and health companies. Planteria also works closely with facilities management and building management companies that offer a total FM service package for their clients, including planting.

For further information on Mobilane systems visit www.mobilane.co.uk. Follow them on Twitter @Mobilane

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