A landscaper’s role in habitat preservation

Pro Landscaper has partnered with ACO Building and Landscape to bring you a series of articles that look at different aspects of garden design. This first piece will discuss ACO’s latest webinar series, ‘Habitat Matters’, and the role of everyone in the construction industry to address biodiversity.

For the last decade, it’s become abundantly clear that the impact of climate change could be devastating for us all. With this year’s United Nations IPCC report stating that no area of the planet hasn’t witnessed the impact of climate change, industries need to come together to find more sustainable ways to continue their practices. The construction industry is no different, especially since the disastrous finding from the Global Status Report that states the industry is responsible for 39% of all carbon emissions.[1]

In response, ACO Building and Landscape has created the Habitat Matters webinar series, which brings together some of the industry’s top sustainable thought leaders in the build up to COP26, the UN’s Climate Change Conference. The aim of the series is to explore the proactive steps that those within the construction industry, including garden designers and landscapers, can take to create an environmentally sustainable future.

Sixty influential partners and supporters have contributed to the series of webinars and podcasts, including industry leaders, government representatives, as well as several partner organisations.

All previous webinars are available to watch freely on-demand, with the final three taking place on the following dates:

  • 08 October – Habitat by Design
  • 21 October – Design & Management of High Quality Green Spaces
  • 28 October – COP26 Future Policy to Protect Natural Habitats

The next webinar, which takes place on Friday 8 October, will look at ways in which to incorporate both natural and manmade habitats into urban design, how cities have incorporated biodiversity action plans into the design of streetscapes, and how conservation work has created net gains and species diversity within city environments. As well as this, the webinar aims to explore what standards and best practice methods that are available to reduce the construction industry’s carbon footprint.

To view previous webinars, alongside details on how to register your interest in future events, please visit:

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