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“A valuable opportunity”: HTA joins government’s red diesel advisory group

by | 31 Mar 23 | Business, Nature & Biodiversity, News, Sustainability, Topics

The Horticultural Trades Association (HTA) has grasped a “valuable opportunity” to become a signatory of the HMRC’s Memorandum of Agreement on rebated fuel.

It follows the change in regulations governing the use of ‘red diesel’ in April 2022. “This establishes a formal route to engage on a policy change which has seen cost increases impacting HTA members and with key grey areas remaining,” read an HTA statement.

Jennifer Pheasey, director of public affairs at the HTA, said, “This is a valuable opportunity and another step in increasing the role of horticulture in policy development. Becoming a signatory means that HTA will now have a seat at the table when policy developments are made on red diesel use and rebate criteria and allows us the opportunity to raise any issues on behalf of the membership.”

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