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ADEZZ: Supplying the green world with dynamic water features

Water elements are dynamic objects in the garden. The continuous rippling of water creates subtle movement in the gardens you have design. A resting place where birds come to drink during warm periods and where they bring extra liveliness to your customer’s garden. 

Corten Water Block – David Greaves Landscape Design

Since 2009, ADEZZ has been supplying the green world with the most beautiful and high-quality garden elements. Since we design, develop, and produce everything under our own management, we are always able to meet the demands of our customers. As a company, we have grown from a strong entrepreneurial mentality focused on efficiency. This has enabled us to continuously innovate and add new categories to our range. This is how we have developed into a valued one-stop-shop for the green space professional. At ADEZZ we want to inspire our customers and help them grow by standing beside them as a partner.

Our designs are characterized by their contemporary character in various materials. From robust and sturdy Corten steel to chic and sleek aluminium in all colours. In addition to the production of planters, we also began early on to develop various water elements. Today, we supply ponds, pond walls, water tables, water bowls and water blocks. If the standard dimensions of our products do not fit into the garden you have designed or will build, we can offer customised solutions.

With our water tables, equipped with fountains with LED lighting, you will create a true oasis with light and water. In our range, you will find a wide variety of models, available in round, square and rectangular shapes. Water tables are also available with water bowls, whereby the water runs over the edge of the bowl into the table.

We supply you directly from stock with the most beautiful water elements, which, in combination with your greenery, will bring your customer’s dream garden to life. See our full range in our brochure and at www.adezz.com. Here you can also download the manual and technical drawings.

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