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African Violet tops the chart Winner of the Favourite Office Plant 2022

This year’s Favourite Office Plant brings a touch of nostalgia to the office. The plant with the most votes from an independent panel of judges was the African Violet. This compact, colourful plant has been out of vogue for some time but as we all know, things including plants, have a way of coming back around into favourite positions. So we are pleased to welcome the African Violet back as this year’s Favourite Office Plant.

The African violet aka Saintpaulia

Matt Appleby, Editor of Horticulture Week chose the African violet “It’s time for a flowering indoor plant revival. I think foliage is peaking post-pandemic.”

Lisa Wilkinson of Pro Landscaper gave the African violet ‘a big shout out’ – as it’s very nostalgic for her. ‘In my childhood there weren’t many windowsills that didn’t sport at least one of these, I remember it being one of the first (plants) I took cuttings from.’

While award winning garden designer Claudia de Yong chose the African violet because even though it “requires a little more upkeep than other indoor plants, it has the advantage of being good for those with little space. The plant will add a splash of colour at various times throughout the year.’

“African violets, these would make the perfect desktop plant, allowing everyone to have one, and have something to care for themselves,” was what decided Michael Perry’s – aka Mr Plant Geek – choice.

A vote for this plant was also given by Rona Wheeldon Of Flowerona.

In a close second place, the judges voted for the ‘easy to grow’ Philodendron Xanadu. It was just one vote behind the African violet.

Michael Perry: Xanadu, (gets my vote) because it is so durable, it can grow in low light, and with varying conditions, so giving it the best chance of success.

Claudia de Yong: Philodendron Xanadu often referred to as the cut leaf Philodendron, has a lovely upright habit with lobed shiny green foliage. It is easy to grow and brings a touch of the tropics to the office space. It is virtually indestructible, growing in most settings and will soon fill a corner.

Matt Appleby: gave Philodendron a vote because ‘it’s easy to care for and bushy – the University of Reading research says that makes people happy.’

The Philodendron also got the vote of podcaster Jane Perrone.

Tied in third place

Coming in third place are two plants, the Hoya & the Clusia.

Jane Perrone: Hoya – ‘this is such a tough plant, tolerating an erratic watering regime and able to cope with a wide range of temperatures as well as dry air. The beautiful flowers are a bonus too.’

Michael Perry: Clusia- ‘chosen for its durability, and the fact it can fit on the desktop as well’.

The judging line up

We’d like to thank all of the judges for helping to find this year’s top houseplants for the office from a short list of six including (in no particular order): Begonia chlorosticta, Syngonium Podophyllum and Cissus Rhombifolia (Grape Ivy).

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