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Alan Titchmarsh’s new TV show welcomes gardeners from “widest range of backgrounds”

by | 04 Mar 24 | News | 2 comments

Alan Titchmarsh's Gardening Club

A news series offering practical gardening tips is launching on ITV1 today. Alan Titchmarsh’s Gardening Club will feature the title host alongside other industry experts offering advice to both novice and experienced gardeners.

The new series has been produced by Penny Lane Entertainment. Creative director Lee Connolly says it has “set out to welcome gardeners from all levels and the widest range of backgrounds around the whole of the UK.

“From rural settings, through to suburban back gardens to a tiny urban plot, Alan and our broad team of voices will provide the expertise to allow you to make the most of any garden or green space.”

Joining Alan Titchmarsh will be community gardener Tayshan Hayden-Smith, horticulturists David Domoney and Camilla Bassett-Smith, eco-friendly gardener Anna Greenland and houseplant expert Sarah Gerrard-Jones.

Alan Titchmarsh’s Gardening Club has been part-funded by lawn care service GreenThumb. Managing director Paul Edwards says the series is “about making gardening accessible for everyone” and he hopes it will encourage people “to get out into nature and really experience what makes gardening so special.”

The hour-long episodes will air every Monday at 2pm for 11 weeks (taking a hiatus on 1 April).

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  1. Avatar

    Hi the gardening club team,

    Quick question, how do I keep mice out of my pollytunnel? They are eating my early pea seedlings

  2. Avatar

    You have asked for us to tell you about our gardening problems. Our BIG problem is a Muntjac Deer which insists on eating the plants in our garden. Unfortunately there are a number of areas in the boundary fence and hedge that it can get through. So really we need help with individual raised beds, and even pots of Tulips!

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