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Amenity Forum set to launch campaign promoting weed control

A campaign will be run by the Amenity Forum in order to highlight the importance of weed control professionals to the general public. The details of the campaign have not been announced yet, with more information to follow after the Amenity Forum’s annual conference on the 13th of October.

The main issues the forum is facing at the moment is complaints from those in the sector who currently use chemicals such as glyphosate with regards to tight regulations as members of the public are able to purchase the same chemicals and use them as they wish without any regulations. Amenity Forum Members have also reported trying to keep what they do quiet from the members of the public, and spraying at the times where they would be less likely to be seen. The aim of the campaign is to provide the public with the information that effective control is necessary to stop the spread of species such as Japanese Knotweed. The conference will be held at The Pirelli Stadium in Burton-on-Trent, East Staffordshire.

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