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Are your readers’ hollow composite deck boards failing? ecodek® want to help!

ecodek® only supply SOLID composite deck boards and concerns have recently been expressed to us from a variety of sources that some manufacturers’ hollow composite boards are performing poorly and failing, sometimes within 12 months of use.

Solid_Hollow pic

With a view to trying to assess the accuracy of these concerns, different solid and hollow samples were tested at the ecodek® testing facilities using a Shimadzu AGS-10kNXD, with a 10 kN load cell. The flexural properties of each sample were studied using the 3 point bending technique, as per standard EN ISO 178, at a constant rate of (2 ± 0.5) mm/min.


The results obtained from the compared samples are depicted in the figure above. There is a clear differentiation between the solid and hollow samples with regards to mechanical properties. The performance of the solid samples that we tested significantly exceeds that of the hollow samples, both in terms of elasticity and maximum strength.

As a market leader in the composite sector, we are committed to offering what we consider to be the best possible products to the market place. Accordingly we are happy to offer a 20% discount from our retail price to anyone that wishes to replace (like for like) their hollow decking product from any of the various suppliers with ecodek® composite decking.

This offer is subject to proof of purchase.

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