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Artificial intelligence in landscape design and maintenance

by | 14 Nov 23 | From the Mag, News

Hollywood writers are up in arms about it being used in the film and television industry, and Irish musician Hozier is threatening his own strike if artists are not better protected from the threat it poses. But if you listen to French DJ David Guetta, “the future of music is in AI”. So, is artificial intelligence to be feared or embraced? And how could the landscaping industry be impacted? 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the field of computer science focused on creating machines and software that can think, learn, and perform tasks that typically require human input. Looking to landscaping, there are several ways in which AI could be introduced, from collecting data to identifying plant diseases. But why bother explaining it ourselves when AI can do this for itself?  

According to AI-powered language tool ChatGPT, “Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be a powerful tool in landscape design and maintenance, offering innovative solutions to enhance efficiency, sustainability, and overall landscaping outcomes.” 

Speaking with a selection of key voices from within the landscaping industry, as well as those dipping into the world of AI, to indulge in a discussion around the growing hysteria.

  • Stephanie Bayer, executive partner at Athena – a firm that connects people to remote executive assistants.
  • George Gaia Holmes, horticulturist at The MacRobert Trust and co-Host of the For the Love of Plants podcast.
  • Skyler Westergard, the learning and development specialist at US commercial landscaping provider LandCare.

Continue reading in the November issue of Pro Landscaper Magazine.

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