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Artistry and consciousness help personalise garden design

A Shropshire landscape garden business is blossoming after pioneering the use of human consciousness and artists. This is giving landscape architects the information to create gardens that reflect life journeys and peace and beauty.
Carlo Cecchetti found that traditional methods of garden design were not always reflecting the householders’ truer personalities and unique life journeys. This led him to come up with a new way of approaching the task.
The new methods – called ‘Garden Insights’ – create or restore garden spaces based on the distinctive information from the garden owner’s conscious systems, that resource energies for creativity, health and well-being. Each Integral Garden forms by its exclusive Garden Insights, that users can tune into.

Unique Garden Insights include:

Fountains with script, swing seats for unseen children, sheltered tree areas for protection and white roses to restore belonging.
The work of Integral Gardens, based in Shrewsbury, is visible in private gardens and outdoor spaces from Cheshire to India.
Carlo brings a wealth of experience to the business. He hails from a family with three generations working in garden design, landscaping and horticulture. His freelance associate brother Luciano Cecchetti has been head gardener at The Vatican Garden Networks. He has also run his business in Italy and Britain for 30 years. The team includes young vibrant landscape architects, integral artists and human consciousness experts.
The business’ work covers private gardens to public parks to organisational green spaces.
One happy customer said: “We are much less anxious about the garden now. I seem to be much happier to let the garden grow at its own pace and develop. I used to have long spells where I didn’t know what to do in certain areas of the garden. I lacked inspiration. Now I can see clearly what needs doing. Each area is more distinct, yet more part of a coherent whole. I am not wasting as much money now on impulsive buys.”
Carlo said: “Our intention is to create, or restore regardless of Time, gardens based upon the owner’s personal values and life journeys. We aim to make gardens visible and accessible with their own authentic natural energy resources of well-being and creativity. We find that traditional garden design methods often overlook this. All of us are on the path to help owners to access their own Emotional Intelligence energies through their own garden spaces.
“An Integral Garden is a unique energy combination of People, Place and Time, both for indoor and outdoor garden settings. Gardens vibrate naturally. Our Purpose, using qualified landscape architects is to create spaces for peace and beauty.
“An extremely promising solution is the unique Organisational Purpose Garden. Members of an organisation can see, tune-in and connect through Garden Insights. We can also design spaces to help sustain the organisation’s health, or for co-creating new organisational value.”
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