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New Expanded Backhoe Attachment Range from Bobcat

Bobcat has unveiled a new expanded family of backhoe attachments for the company’s compact loader range.  For the first time, the range now offers a choice of three different types of backhoe distinguished by the system used to mount them on the loaders, comprising a Bob-Tach mounted backhoe, a centre-mounted backhoe and several side-shift backhoe models.

All the backhoes are designed to be operated from within the cab for increased comfort and safety for the operator. They also feature easy-to-use controls for precise, smooth movements and reduced operator fatigue. Bobcat backhoe attachments help to increase the versatility of compact loaders and provide an excellent return on investment for applications as diverse as rental, landscaping, horticulture, gas, water and power utilities, foundations and general construction.

New Bob-Tach Backhoe

The unique Bob-Tach system is a standard feature of all Bobcat loaders and is by far the most common method for mounting Bobcat attachments on the loaders, ensuring that attachments are fitted securely and safely to the machines in seconds. The new Bob-Tach mounted backhoe attachment being launched at Bauma is approved for use on all the models in the new 500 platform of loaders, namely the S510, S530, S550, S570 and S590 skid-steer loaders and the T590 compact tracked loader.

With the Bob-Tach system, the backhoe is mounted directly onto the loaders without the need for a mounting kit or stabilisers and provides a maximum digging depth of 1.8 m.  The hydraulic cylinder swing mechanism provides a swing from left to right of +/- 48° on the dipper.

The Bob-Tach backhoe uses the Bobcat X-Change coupler as standard so is suitable for use with X-Change buckets only (same category as that on the Bobcat E26 compact excavator). A 7-pin control kit is required to use the attachment on the loader and there is a hydraulic clamp option which requires an auxiliary hydraulic kit to operate the hydraulic clamp.

Centre-mounted Backhoe

Bobcat offers a centre-mounted backhoe attachment for the company’s smallest S70 skid-steer loader.  This is also mounted via the Bob-Tach system on the S70 model and is supplied with a mounting kit for the purpose.  The backhoe uses pin-on buckets compatible with those for the Bobcat E14 and E16 compact excavators.  The swing mechanism is chain-operated and the backhoe has mechanically adjusted stabilisers.  The centre-mounted backhoe on the S70 provides a maximum digging depth of 1.85 m.

Side-Shift Backhoes

For larger Bobcat loaders, there are four different side-shift backhoes from Bobcat: the 625S, 725S, R30S and R35S models. The side-shift system allows the loader to work close to walls.

Front stabilizers are included as standard for enhanced stability and digging performance and rear stabilisers are optional. As well as buckets, these easily transportable backhoes also allow the use of breaker attachments.

The 625S side-shift backhoe is approved for use on the S100 skid-steer loader and the T110 compact tracked loader. The 725 side-shift backhoe is intended for use on the Bobcat S130 skid-steer loader.  Maximum digging depths are 2480 and 2466 mm, respectively.

The 625S and 725S backhoes are equipped as standard with the heavy duty pin-on X-change coupler for Bobcat buckets. In addition, older style buckets which were used with the previous bolt‑on X-Change coupler are also compatible for use on these backhoes, but must be used with an anchor kit that can be ordered from Bobcat.

Next in the range is a new version of the R30S side-shift backhoe, which is designed with bolt-on mounting arms for use with different sized Bobcat loaders from and including the S130 skid-steer loader right up to the larger 800 Series S850 skid-steer and T870 compact tracked loaders.  The rear frame in the R35S backhoe is different, providing for just one type of mounting arm to allow use of the backhoe on all loaders from the S630 upwards and including the S650, S770, S850, T650, T770, T870 and A770 models.  The side-shift frame in both backhoes is locked in place by 4 clamping cylinders.  The R30S and R35S backhoes offer very impressive maximum digging depths of 2990 mm and 3510 mm, respectively.

The joystick controls in the R30S and R35S backhoes are mounted directly on the valve bank, eliminating all mechanical linkages. The valve bank features a new section with manual depressurisation of the auxiliary hydraulic lines.  This system removes all pressure in both lines to facilitate connection and disconnection of hydraulic breakers and other attachments.  To support this function, a drain line has been added to the backhoe feeding lines.  This drain line connects onto the drain coupler on the loader.

For more information about Bobcat and Bobcat products, visit the website www.bobcat.eu



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