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BALI Award for the North East depot for Grace Landscapes

The site, maintained by Grace Landscapes Ltd for over five years, also received the Best Business Park at the 2015 Northumbria in Bloom Awards.  The Grace Landscapes team have continued to maintain the high standard, working closely with CBRE, who are based on site in the Evolve building.  To complement the adjacent nature reserve, the Evolve building has a predominately native design with native trees and shrubs alongside structured planting, native hedgerows and wildflower seeding.  Despite the waterlogging, the soil is fertile, making establishing and maintaining the wildflower meadows a constant battle.  Various methods have been tried, from collecting seed headsby hand to over-sow, to walking through beating the seed heads with a cane.

The Village area is more ornamental with herbaceousplanting intermingling with shrubs, climbers and formal hedging.  Two ponds located in the Village area and directly opposite the Evolve Building add to the diversity.  Development plots are maintained as wild meadow areas with grass cutting carried out on two occasions per year to accommodate the abundance of wildlife that regulary visits the park.  The abundance of animals making the park their homemeans maintenance is more difficult.Linnets nest from April to August, mainly in the Lonicera in the Evolve car park. Weasels live and feed permanently on the site and though they keep the numbers of rodents and rabbits down they have little impact on the number of brown hares.  Ducks enjoy the facility the Village pond has to offer, as does the visiting heron, which [poaches the goldfish.  This diverse landscape of the park requires the Grace maintenance team to be highly qualified as many skills are required to keep the site in pritine condition.

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