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    Barcham Trees offers free seminars for designers

    Barcham Trees offer free seminar 'Designing with Trees'Barcham Trees is offering garden designers the opportunity to participate in a free seminar entitled ‘Designing with Trees’ at a time and a place convenient to them.  Announcing the initiative, Barcham’s Keith Sacre said the nursery would be delighted to make such presentations to designers’ cluster groups throughout the UK.  “We have run a series of free seminars at our nursery for several years and we are now offering garden designers the chance to have their own seminars presented by one of the Barcham team”, said Keith.

    Barcham is also happy to extend the invitation to other appropriate groups and associations of professionals with an interest in trees.  “We know that due to work pressure it is not always easy to devote a whole day to a seminar, but our offer means allows we go to speak on an agreed topic at a convenient time and date”, continued Keith.

    Such seminars can be seen as part of an organisation’s continuous development programme.  Barcham Trees has had much positive feedback from delegates who have attended the regular seminars at the nursery’s Cambridgeshire headquarters.

    For further details of the initiative, please contact Keith Sacre on 01353 720748 or email [email protected]






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