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Barometer January 2023: Has the cost-of-living crisis hit the landscaping industry?

All statistics are based on those surveyed and compare January 2023 to January 2022, with the exception of confidence; confidence is compared at the time of survey (April 2023) to the same time last year.

It was bound to take its toll eventually. Since 2021, the cost-of-living crisis has been a constant cloud hanging over the heads of UK consumers. And despite the news that Britain’s inflation rate could drop to below 2% by the end of the year–having reached a 41-year high of 11.1% last October – the landscaping industry is starting to feel the pinch.

A trend of “phasing work” has appeared, says one domestic landscaper, “so that people can save funds for unknowns such as fuel bills and mortgage rises.” They added that more clients are now paying by credit card than bank transfers. Another says they are hearing of lots of “value engineering as costs are so high” and that the “average job value has dropped”.

It’s not just the domestic sector either. One commercial landscaper says it’s “going to get worse over the year” as clients no longer have the money “to pay for landscaping services”. On top of this, there’s the ULEZ expansion to consider for those working in and around the capital.

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