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Barometer May 2023: Are nurseries feeling the heat from the hosepipe bans?

All statistics are based on those surveyed and compare May 2023 to May 2022, with the exception of confidence; confidence is compared at the time of survey (August 2023) to the same time last year.

There’s little change in confidence from last month, it would seem. Only 20% said they were feeling more confident, whilst the majority (60%) of respondents said they felt the same. This includes nurseries, despite 60% saying that their quotes were up from the previous month. It might be down to relief that there’s “no sign of a slow down” as one nursery put it, adding that their enquiries and orders are “still on the way up”.

Nurseries are facing a series of ongoing challenges, though. There’s the incoming peat ban, which is a “big challenge for UK nurseries, with many varieties proving difficult to grow in the current alternatives,” says a nursery. “With the news that Defra is going to allow the continuation of importation of foreign plant stock grown in peat media the UK nursery industry is going to be at a big disadvantage in the next few years.”

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