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Your Garden Made Perfect on BBC Two

Following on from the wildly successful Your Home Made Perfect, BBC Two is providing a nation now enthralled by gardening with Your Garden Made Perfect. Airing on Thursday 4 February, it will be jam packed full of tips and tricks to inspire viewers.

When discussing 2020, there aren’t a huge number of highlights. But one which has been unanimously echoed across the industry is the public’s newfound appreciation of green spaces – and more specifically, their gardens.

Using the latest visual technologies, homeowners will be presented with two vastly different designs from prominent garden designers so they can visualise what their garden would look like, before choosing their favourite design. This is the first show of this type to use VR to bring designs to life in this way.

But perhaps more importantly, Your Garden Made Perfect avoids a pitfall garden makeover shows all too often fall into – unrealistic budgets. Each episode features two stories including one big budget transformation and one low-cost transformation.

The first episode introduces us to Demi and Laura whose ‘L-shaped’ garden was strewn with plenty of kids’ toys but very little space to relax in. It’s up to Helen Elks-Smith and Manoj Malde to transform the space. While Manoj opts for a Japanese inspired entertainment zone, Helen adds a touch of romance to the garden with an abundance of planting. But which will they choose?

Meanwhile, Joel Bird, tackles the garden of first-time buyer Tom who has up until now been intimidated by his garden’s blank canvas. Here, Joel demonstrates what can be achieved with an incredibly low budget.

In the March issue of Pro Landscaper magazine, we’ll be speaking to the garden designers involved in the programme, Manoj Malde, Pip Probert, Helen Elks-Smith, Tom Massey and Joel Bird, to find out more about why they got involved, what it was like using the VR technology, and why they anticipate the programme will showcase the skills within our industry in a way that has never been seen by the general public before.

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One Comment

  1. This evenings program…….. Where a beautiful monkey tree and healthy, albeit too high hedge, were completely desecrated to replace with tacky, plastic-looking items, was almost unbearable.
    This fabulous ripe, large garden plot ended up looking like a municipal play park on an Essex council estate.
    My heart was breaking for the tactful young couple whose home it was….

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