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Belchim announce new biocide for the amenity sector

The amenity sector is set to benefit following the recent approval of a new product for the professional biocide market.

Enclean, containing 500g/l of the active ingredient Nonanoic acid, has just received registration and will strengthen and expand Belchim Crop Protection’s product range into the amenity sector says Belchim amenity specialist William Weld.

“Enclean has been greatly anticipated. It’s a natural plant origin biocide specifically designed to remove algae from a wide range of hard surfaces including: pavements, greenhouses (outside), patios, roofs, wooden decking and fence panels. Enclean’s active ingredient Nonanoic acid is extremely effective, non-corrosive and quickly degrades into natural elements. It offers good operator safety and has no environmental hazard classification.

It also has a very low dilution requirement making it one of the easiest biocides to use; “1 litre of formulated product will cover the same area as 5 litres of most other surface cleaners” he adds.

Enclean comes in 1L packs, with a dilution rate of one pack per 14L of water offering users 550m2 of coverage from a single 15L knapsack sprayer using an Evenspray red 0.4 nozzle (four times the coverage of most other biocides under the same operating conditions) claims Mr Weld.

“Enclean will help to simplify the application of surface cleaners whilst delivering excellent results on algae. It should be available for use via Belchim’s amenity distribution partners from the beginning of March” he concludes.

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