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BesserTrim launches the Decimator

BesserTrim, a leading supplier of garden machinery, has launched the Decimator, the newest addition to their Grass Cutting System. This new innovation uses the latest technology to transform the brushcutting experience.  The Decimator was launched into the hire trade, now available through HSS, during 2015 and is now available to buy direct.

The Decimator is a 4mm cable reinforced cutter and is the first and only in the UK.  It is designed to cut through thick weed and brambles and makes light work for professional landscapers. Decimators last longer than nylon line and tackle a more diverse terrain, so there’s no need to change cutter, and unlike other methods of cutting, they actually increase in their efficiency as they wear down meaning no blunt blades or broken line.

The latest product works (and is available with) a BesserTrim Professional head, which can be fitted to virtually all petrol-powered brushcutters that can take a blade. It takes less than two minutes to change heads and full video instructions are available at www.thedecimator.eu. Or a brushcutter can be purchased with a Professional head already in place at www.bessertrim.co.uk.

The BesserTrim Grass Cutting System features a unique keyhole locking system, which allows the Decimator cutters to swivel, reducing the load on the gearbox and clutch and allows for greater cutting power. The cable reinforced Decimator cutters wear down slowly and evenly with use, saving time, money and frustration attending to the head of the brushcutter.

The Decimator adheres to all relevant safety standards (full video safety briefings provided at bessertrim.eu) and can be bought online at www.thedecimator.eu (prices start from £12.50 inc VAT so it is easy on the wallet to get started). A free sample can be ordered on request by visiting www.thedecimator.eu.

Brian Child, managing director of BesserTrim said: “We said goodbye to broken spools and tangled line with our Grass Cutting System. Now we’re making it drastically easier for you to remove undergrowth. You won’t be disappointed. We didn’t call it the Decimator nothing.”

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