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Beware of the material shortage

Talasey Group contact loyal customers to thank them for their continued support, patience and understanding during these difficult and uncertain times the material shortage is having on the company.  

During these extremely challenging times, we at Talasey Group feel it necessary to contact you as our valued customer. To update whilst giving you some background to the unprecedented actions we are having to implement in order to maintain our business, and more importantly to continue providing the best support and service to you now and in the future as the world continues to recover from COVID-19.

Despite our very best efforts, the chain of events as a consequence of the pandemic has seen major effects in the construction sectors supply chain. All key building products are seeing shortages along with surcharges, making a building project ever more difficult to supply and complete. Talasey Group as a company who source products from all over the world has been affected by all aspects of these consequences. We, like all other stone suppliers have been hit by the volatility of shipping costs and have seen substantial increases in container pricing. Alongside this, the essential pandemic controls in India has seen labour restrictions in turn reducing product availability. Whilst domestic demand has soared as customers continue to invest in their immediate outdoor spaces, causing the perfect storm.

The restrictions on travel and the closing of non-essential shops have also seen an increase in online shopping. This alongside increased commercial business traffic has placed the pallet network under intense pressure with hauliers buckling to maintain the service levels we all expect.

Having always placed our customers at the front of our priorities. We have seen our service and customer notice periods challenged as we have worked hard to maintain our offer to you, our loyal supporters.

We would therefore like to thank you for your continued support and patience during these trying times and look forward to better times when the world has beaten this virus.

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