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Blakedown Landscapes commits to achieving carbon neutrality with new partnership

by | 02 Apr 24 | Commercial Landscaping, News | 0 comments

Blakedown Landscapes has partnered with Auditel as part of its pledge to achieve carbon neutrality.

The landscaping and civil engineering company already has a long standing commitment to sustainability, with a portfolio that includes landscape construction, environmental improvements, playground construction and grounds maintenance.

Managing director of Blakedown, Steve Buckingham, says: “Climate change is happening. It is the defining environmental issue of our time, causing an unprecedented loss of biodiversity, destroying ecosystems, and threatening human existence.

“Addressing it is a collective responsibility and we all have a part to play.

“Our vision is to integrate sustainable practices, materials and technologies into our projects, ensuring they are environmentally friendly, regenerative, and contribute to the wellbeing of communities.”

He goes on to say that by partnering with Auditel, Blakedown will be able to ensure its landscaping solutions are delivered in a sustainable way.

The company has already made a number of operational changes to offset and reduce carbon emissions, including a phased replacement of petrol hand tools with battery powered equipment, as well as the prioritisation of water and recycling efficiency.

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