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    Blakedown launches a book to celebrate 50 years

    Blakedown launches a book to celebrate 50 years

    To celebrate 50 years of excellence, Blakedown have put together a book, including 50 interesting facts about the company, insight into projects and a forward written by Noel Farrer, director of Farrer Huxley Associates.

    To celebrate the book, we’ve picked out ten of our favourite facts:

    1. Completed over 2,000 projects
    2. Recycled over 250,000 tons of material
    3. Worked on over 500 archaeological digs
    4. Enrolled staff in over 1,500 training courses
    5. Won over 75 BALI Awards
    6. Planted over three million shrubs
    7. Worked on over 580 community projects
    8. Laid over 1 million square metres of turf
    9. Built over 50 lakes and ponds
    10. Hosted one dinosaur (Dippy at the Natural History Museum)



    If you would like to receive a copy of the book, please contact: Angel Garcia Brown, Concrete Communications” [email protected] or via+44 (0) 207 207 7137.

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