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Blenheim Palace Butterfly House undergoes transformation

by | 27 Mar 24 | Nature & Biodiversity, News

Blenheim Palace unveils a new look for its Butterfly House, revitalising the space in an aim to make it more accessible and immersive for visitors, as well as improving the environment for its winged inhabitants.

Head gardener Andy Mills has collaborated with senior gardener Chris Horne, who has looked after the Butterfly House for over 10 years, to add a whole new range of spring flowers.

Including amaryllis and fritillaries, which now sit alongside exotic plants from Africa, Madeira and South America, while the house’s middle pond has been covered over to improve visitor access.

A bigger emphasis on tropical fruits such as pineapple, mango and papaya has also been introduced to the butterflies’ diets to more closely resemble what they would eat in the wild.

New technology was introduced to the Butterfly House last year to help monitor temperature, humidity and butterfly hatch rates in the House, which in 2023 welcomed 38 new species of tropical butterflies.

For more information on Blenheim Palace and Gardens, including ticket information for the Butterfly House, visit

Picture credit: Pete Seaward


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