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Boosting green credentials with living walls: Mitie acquires Biotecture

We speak to Mitie Landscapes’ managing director Tim Howell to find out more about the company’s acquisition of living walls specialist, Biotecture, and what we can expect from this collaboration.

About the acquisition   

Last month, Mitie Landscapes grew its landscaping business further with the acquisition of living walls specialist, Biotecture.

The living walls, designed to create aesthetically pleasing environments and remove toxins from the air without taking up valuable floorspace, will improve local biodiversity, support thermal insulation, and help reduce noise levels inside buildings too.

Tim Howell, Mitie Landscapes’ managing director said: “Mitie supports and helps customers achieve their sustainable ambitions, and our acquisition of Biotecture certifies this commitment.

“Biotecture’s living walls are of the highest quality I have seen, and we can’t wait to demonstrate all the benefits the living walls can implement.”

What are the benefits?

Living walls help improve indoor air quality, as plants can reduce CO2 levels by 10-25%, and they absorb and reflect sound for better acoustics too. In addition to this, Tim explained there is significant evidence that indoor plants contribute to colleague wellbeing as “they help create a more productive and positive work environment.”

Exterior living walls have significant environmental benefits, too. These include improving biodiversity, removing air pollution, supporting thermal insulation, and helping to reduce noise levels inside buildings.

Working closely together, Mitie and Biotecture will be collaborating with designers to enhance the sustainable aspects and innovation of the walls to help customers make the most of their internal and external vertical space.

With Mitie’s strategy in place to become the UK’s greenest commercial landscaping provider, the acquisition of Biotecture is part of Mitie’s Plan Zero commitment to reach net zero carbon operational emissions by 2025. Tim added: “Biotecture are a superb and highly innovative business, and this is exactly why we’re working with them. The year 2025 is rapidly approaching, and as a business we need to retain our leadership position and continue to help create greener and cleaner cities.”

Over the coming years, Tim explained he suspects the living walls will become hugely popular. As new law comes into place, organisations need to show they are doing something to help the environment. He added: “There’s a global drive to green up at the moment, and the world is beginning to understand there is great need to improve the planet.

“Investment towards green infrastructure will need to be made, and organisations – especially those with acres and acres of vertical space – will need to prove they are doing something towards biodiversity net gain.”

It’s clear that green walls could have a significantly positive impact in helping achieve a greener future. With the endless list of benefits spreading from employee wellbeing and workplace enhancements, to better air quality and enriched biodiversity, this expansion of Mitie’s services places the company in a great position to support a cleaner, greener Britain.

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