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Video shines spotlight on British Sugar TOPSOIL

A new three-minute video explaining the origin of British Sugar TOPSOIL products and the manufacturing process. It also highlights the stringent analysis and testing the products undergo. is now available on the company’s recently relaunched website at

Commissioned by national TOPSOIL manager Andy Spetch, who provides the voice-over. He also appears in the film alongside some of his TOPSOIL colleagues.

The video gives a unique bird’s eye view of parent company British Sugar’s Wissington sugar factory in Norfolk. It also contains aerial footage of lagoons that capture the prime arable soils washed off the sugar beet. The video also shows how British Sugar excavate the soil from the settlement lagoons. It then shows the drying process before screening and blending to produce British Standard topsoil. This is used in TOPSOIL’s products, including Landscape20, HortLoam, LawnDressing and Sports&Turf.

Andy hopes the video will educate those who are unaware of how British Sugar TOPSOIL obtains its soil. It also aims to show the stringent analysis and testing it goes through to create the products.

Filming took place in June, taking full advantage of the early summer weather. The footage was shot with drone technology to capture the crisp aerial footage of the facilities.

Andy found the whole filming process fascinating and is very happy with the result:

“Once we’d launched our new-look website we knew we needed to create content that complements it and gives customers another reason to visit. The video explains who we are, what we do, how we do it, and why professionals should use TOPSOIL products. It also signposts our online product calculator, which is a really useful tool for working out product volumes.

“I’m not a natural performer but as I’ve been part of British Sugar TOPSOIL from the very start, over twenty years ago. I was persuaded that I ought to be the one fronting it and communicating the passion the whole team has for the business. I hope I’ve managed to do that, and given some of my customers and industry colleagues a bit of a laugh at the same time! I certainly won’t be applying for an Equity card yet.”

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