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Brooklands Park Transformation 2020

Full details of the plans to transform Brooklands Park into a spectacular destination have been published.
The £3m plan is detailed on a map published on Worthing Borough Council’s. The park will be fit for playing, resting and learning with a number of new glades, new picnic areas, an adventure playground and a state-of-the-art cafe just some of the new attractions planned.
A contemplation garden either side of the Teville Stream is also to be created with new planting adding to a sensory nature of the entire park.
Executive Member for Digital and Environmental Services, Cllr Edward Crouch, said:
I think these plans are fantastic. We said we would deliver something magnificent for Brooklands, to bring it back to a real destination location.
The plans allow people, young and old, to have great fun in the park but also learn about nature and find quiet spaces to relax. I believe Brooklands will be returned to a jewel in the crown landmark for Worthing.”



Brooklands Park Masterplan – 2020


Three key principles have been distilled from the original concept and used to develop the masterplan:
Brooklands Park will become an outdoor interactive classroom and science learning resource supporting the wider STEM curriculum. Schools and families will find new opportunities for learning about habitats, ecosystems, forces and materials. The Parks department will also be piloting new planting schemes to feed into how we respond to the issues of climate change and sustainability.
Access to Brooklands Park will be improved through new gateways, paths and seating areas. New café and play facilities will be designed with everyone in mind, making sure that people with specific needs can enjoy the Park and all it has to offer. The aim is to create a unique landscape not found anywhere else in Adur and Worthing, allowing engagement with nature in new and exciting ways.
Physical activity and exercise will be encouraged with new adventure play, walking trails and fitness route. Seating areas and a new park café will help bring people together to socialise. Developing community engagement will allow local people to play an active part in caring for Brooklands Park to ensure its future for years to come.
In developing the more detailed Masterplan, the approach has moved in the direction of celebrating and learning from planting types, ecology and sustainability as the way of integrating the science elements. In addition, the choice of play equipment will reinforce a number of technological, engineering and mathematical concepts.
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