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    The positive affects of business communication

    Adam Corrie of Synergy 3 Ltd advises on the importance of communication and how it can positively affect you and your business.
    Enhancing your communication skills is a key area in business development and problem solving. It can lead to achieving the right outcome in all situations.
    Whether negotiating a tender or settling a contractual dispute, how you communicate and conduct yourself is key to a successful result.
    We all know how quickly a situation can gather momentum and it is important to remain in control of the direction a matter is going.
    In a world of perpetual emails, many of us have stopped communicating as much as we used to by telephone. Although it’s easy to think we’re too busy to spend time on the phone, this still remains – and always will remain – the very best form of communication.
    Emails can often be misinterpreted both in tone and content. Verbal dialogue leads to quicker solutions. As you are able to gauge with more certainty the other person’s position on a matter.
    Once someone has stated a point in writing, they will rarely withdraw from that position. A telephone call, or alternativelyface to face meeting, will always produce a better outcome.
    Emails are here to stay, so let’s get it right. If you want to achieve the best result, a strategy on all matters is important. Never rush even a simple outgoing email – always remember what you are trying to achieve:
    • If you receive an email that you do not agree with or that angers you, never reply immediately. Reflect and respond is always the best advice. A quick response to this type of email can often do more harm than good.
    • Always read what you have written before pressing the send button. This may sound very basic, but it can and will save your life.
    • Often communication can come too late. It becomes forced rather than proactive, and the difference is huge.
    • Always try and predict what may be coming your way and act accordingly with a ‘one step ahead’ approach.
    Social media has developed over the last five years and many companies are choosing this path as a positive form of communication. It is important that potential clients are aware of your presence in the market. Social media is a very powerful way of achieving this and making you as easy to find as possible.
    The message is that positive communication is something you can learn. It can help to avoid the unexpected, and lead to much more worthwhile engagement with clients and the public. Developing these skills will undoubtedly be beneficial for your business.
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