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Celebrating 220 years of the RHS

by | 07 Mar 24 | Nature & Biodiversity, News

© Royal Horticultural Society


Originally a small group of enthusiasts and professionals, the previously named “Horticultural Society of London” was first established on March 7, 1804, and founded to advance horticulture through scientific methods and knowledge sharing.

Now celebrating its 220th birthday as the Royal Horticultural Society, the RHS has evolved over the years, but its mission focused on promoting horticulture in all its facets, remains consistent. With five breath-taking gardens spread across the UK, the RHS invites visitors to explore and discover inspiration through its diverse horticultural collections and stunning landscapes.

Education and learning manager at RHS Garden Wisley, Sophie Kirk, speaks of how through various community engagement initiatives such as “Britain in Bloom” and the “Campaign for School Gardening”, the RHS continues its legacy by championing sustainability and innovation.


“Updating its sustainability strategy and the adoption of key strategic shifts, including urban gardening, youth engagement, and support for beginners, sustainable practices, and digitalization, the RHS is constantly evolving to “keep on top of the times”, says Kirk.

The RHS offers diverse services catering to gardening enthusiasts, professionals, and communities, with it being a membership-based charity, it provides exclusive benefits and resources to its members, including access to expert growing advice from our experts.

© Royal Horticultural Society

Also hosting a multitude of prestigious events and flower shows throughout the year, including the newly introduced Urban Show in Manchester, providing a platform for showcasing horticultural excellence and innovation, launching on 18 to 21 April 2024.

The RHS is committed to promoting lifelong learning and professional development within the field, offering a series of educational programs tailored to all levels of learning. Now, through various community programs, the society also engages with local communities, bringing the joys of gardening to people of all ages and backgrounds

“With many services and initiatives aimed at enriching lives and fostering a deeper connection with nature, the RHS continues to be a beacon of inspiring everyone to garden,” says Kirk.


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