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Colegrave Seabrook Foundation launch new scholarship season

by | 20 Sep 22 | News

The Colegrave Seabrook Foundation, who support students studying Horticulture at UK colleges and universities announces the opening of the application season for scholarships.

As a student, whether you need some financial support to help with costs of living, purchase of course materials, fees, travel costs or something as specific as the purchase of a new laptop, there is probably a scholarship that applies to your situation.

To be eligible for consideration and successful in being granted a scholarship, students need to demonstrate their passion for horticulture and their commitment to making a career within the industry through their application. In addition to the basic contact details, some background information on your college, course and what interests you in the particular branch of horticulture you have chosen to study is required.

The wide variety of scholarships cover sectors including plant science, research, environmental study and technical research as well as more general horticultural studies. There are also scholarships specific to students interested in bedding and ornamental plant production or specialist tree production with Majestic Trees.

Scholarships values vary from a few hundred to a few thousand pounds and applications are straight forward to make. A number of organisations support scholarships, such as:

  • Blue Diamond, the inspirational home, garden and living centres, with outlets across the UK;
  • Ball Horticulture, the UK’s leading wholesale distributor of seed and plants to commercial growers and local authorities;
  • Majestic Trees, the award winning grower specialising in the supply and planting of mature and character trees;
  • British Protected Ornamentals Association [BPOA], representing the UK bedding & pot plant industry

Full details are on the Foundation website along with important information relating to the wide variety of scholarships which are available to students, either those studying part or full time. In addition, there are hints and tips on making your application, which is done on-line. Applications can be submitted between now and the 31st of January 2023 for awards which will be made in March 2023.

Ask your college tutor or student representative for your course about the opportunities for you or for further information visit the Colegrave Seabrook Foundation website

Email if you want to enquire about your eligibility to apply.

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