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Composite Decking sees spike due to COVID

Composite decking is the fastest-growing timber decking alternative currently available on the market.

Traditional timber decking has been the preferred choice of many for years. But, it’s a high maintenance product which requires annual painting and staining.

A no fuss alternative

Composite decking is a simple, no fuss alternative. Due to its unique formula, it’s low maintenance and more durable than traditional products.
Composites work well in both residential and commercial developments. due to their low maintenance and durable properties.
They also have the ability to stay free from cracks and splinters. This increases their lifespan and makes them safe and child-friendly.
Composite products are manufactured using the latest technology. This helps provide the look and feel of traditional timber decking without the hassle of high maintenance. It also mitigates health and safety concerns.
They are created using a combination of recycled plastics and wood flour – a waste product of hardwood production.
The wooden and plastic shavings are then combined with colour pigments. They are then heated and extruded. The plastic content gives the boards a long lifespan without the need to treat or seal the decking. The wood content enables the product to keep its natural look and feel.
The finished product is extruded and engineered to ensure that it meets the requirements of landscapers and garden designers across the board.

Environmental benefits

There are also many environmental benefits to composite decking. As a result, consumers are choosing to switch to composite materials instead of using plastic. This is because they provide a sustainable and genuine alternative to timber.
Each square metre of composite decking contains the same amount as more than 3,000 plastic bottle caps or 280 plastic bottles.
In the six years of operation, Composite Prime has saved the equivalent of 90 million plastic milk bottles from landfill.
Encouraged by the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers are now spending an increasing amount of time in their homes and gardens. They are investing in their outdoor spaces as an extension of their home.
Composite decking is an ideal product to shape outdoor living spaces. Its versatility in colour and texture, allows people to create bespoke designs for their outdoor living areas.

Statistics from Composite Prime

Annual sales statistics from Composite Prime show more than 90% of its decking products sold in 2020 were in varying shades of grey.
As a result, the innovative team has developed and introduced a new colour pairing to its HD Deck® Dual range. The new duo of colours, slate and natural oak, have been created in response to consumer demand. They offer a reversible two-colour option that allows the deck to be laid with contrasting colours. This can then create a bespoke finish or pattern.
The reversible two-colour option on each board not only saves spaces in warehouses, but also offers the opportunity to refresh the deck. Simply turn the boards over to reveal a new colour.
The boards are 3D embossed with wood grain to ensure they look natural. They are also capped to increase protection against fading, staining and other damaging elements.
The boards are low maintenance, slip resistant, durable, sustainable so even high traffic areas like bars and restaurants will benefit from investing in HD Deck Dual®.

Composite decking installation

Another key benefit of Composite Prime products is the ease at which the decking can be installed.
Whilst traditional decking options can often be laborious and tricky to take on, requiring specialist tools, Composite Prime’s HD Deck® range has a sophisticated clip system that is very easy to install.
Composite Prime is keen to support labouring professionals in becoming accredited installers of its luxury decking products, having recently launched a free, online training programme to educate self employed individuals and commercial landscaping companies.
Hosted online, the PRO Installer programme enables participants to become qualified via online video training, exams and tuition.
Following completion of the application and training elements, applicants can be approved and ready to work within a week.
Approved installers are supported by Composite Prime and receive promotion on the company website, as well as access to a free design software and the opportunity to sell customer decking by utilising Composite Prime’s exclusive monthly financial payment plan.
To find out more about Composite Prime products or its PRO Installer scheme, please visit https://www.composite-prime.com
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