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Construction among industries most in need staff, amid record shortages

The UK is still facing severe staff shortages, as it set a record high of 1.3 million job vacancies over the past three months* – among which are the construction, repair and maintenance industry.

But, which UK industries are most in need of workers? Claims.co.uk sought to reveal just that, by analysing current job listings on Indeed.

Top 15 industries most in need of workers:

RankIndustryTotal number of job listings on Indeed

(between 12/07/22 – 25/07/22)

2Human resources & staffing39,039
3Retail & wholesale24,325
5Construction, repair & maintenance services14,890
6Restaurants & food service14,360
7Transportation & logistics9,806
8Government & public administration8,133
10Non-profit & NGO6,500
11Hotel & travel accommodation5,232
14Real estate2,979
15Energy, mining, utilities2,962
Note: Data was collected and is accurate as of July 25th 2022 but subject to change.


Please find the full results for all 25 industries analysed in this Excel data sheet.

The construction, repair and maintenance services industry ranks fifth-most in need of workers as it reaches over 14,890 job listings on Indeed.

Claims.co.uk can also reveal that the UK industry most in need of workers is healthcare, with over 53,421 job listings on Indeed in the last 14 days. Claims.co.uk also notes over 14,322 job listings for ‘nurses’ alone, as the NHS faces the worst ever staff shortage crisis yet.

Following in second is human resources and staffing with 39,039 job listings waiting to be filled.

The third most in need is the retail and wholesale industry, with 24,325 job listings available on Indeed in the same period.

With nationwide rail strikes taking place this week, the transportation and logistics industry is the seventh most in need of staff, as it accumulates nearly 10,000 job listings over the fortnight.


*Estimated number of job vacancies from April to June 2022 according to the latest ‘Vacancies and jobs in the UK: July 2022 ONS statistics.

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