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CORE Landscape Products details its Tree Root Protection System

CORE Landscape Products fills us in on its CORE Tree Root Protection System.

The CORE Tree Root Protection® (TRP) System is a CE certified cellular confinement system that provides guaranteed protection for the roots of mature trees from pedestrian and vehicular traffic. It distributes the weight of the traffic which in turn prevents subsoil compaction around the roots.

With the correct fill material, it is completely porous, allowing continued water permeation and gaseous exchange to ensure the protected tree stays healthy.

The system forms a high load bearing, shallow permeable sub-base above ground.


Why is Tree Root Protection Needed?

Due to the rate of urbanisation within the UK, it is becoming increasingly common to find trees located in areas of development with Tree Preservation Orders (TPO’s). TPO’s ensure the protection of mature trees, especially when construction work is being carried out nearby.

Our CORE Tree Root Protection® (TRP) system offers a compliant solution to creating a driveway, car park, road or track for temporary site access. The system creates a three-dimensional erosion barrier and structural bridge that uniformly distributes weight-bearing loads preventing unwanted ground compaction in and around the feeder roots of the tree.


What are the consequences of not using a Tree Root Protection System?

Failure to install a Tree Root Protection system could result in the surface becoming compacted and rutted, resulting in minimal oxygen and nutrient exchange to the roots, which ultimately destroys the tree. Failing to comply with a TPO is treated as a serious offence towards the environment and can result in a £20K fine. Ninety percent of tree roots are found within one metre of the surface and extend to a distance equal to approximately 65% of the tree’s overall height. This makes it impossible to build a sustainable surface using traditional methods that can take vehicular traffic without digging and disturbing the feeder roots of the tree.


How is the system laid?

Unlike traditional methods of road and driveway construction, there is no excavation required to install the CORE Tree Root Protection System.

Firstly, regulate the surface and ensure to cover any exposed roots with a sharp sand or rootzone material. Install our specialist TRP membrane and lay CORE TRP® panels over the top, pin the panels open and fill with an angular reduced fines sub base material. The depth of the TRP Panel will depend on the CBR value of existing soil and weight of traffic. You are now ready for your permeable wearing course (gravel stabiliser, block paving, porous asphalt).


APN12 Compliant Surfacing: The ‘No Dig’ Solution

Arboricultural Practice Note 12 (APN12) advises that a driveway can only be installed within a tree protection area if it can be done so without tree roots and the surrounding soil being damaged. The British standards institution has published guidance notes BS5837:2012 on how to protect trees during development.

The ‘No Dig’ construction can be achieved by using our perforated CORE Tree Root Protection System. When filled with granular materials, the system creates a three-dimensional erosion barrier and structural bridge that uniformly distributes weight-bearing loads. The cellular nature of the system enables it to confine free draining subbase materials that enhance drainage and prevent build-up of hydrostatic pressure whilst stabilising the ground.


Temporary Track for Site Traffic

CORE Tree Root Protection is the perfect solution for creating temporary site access through woodland or areas that obstructed by well-established trees. It can be installed with ease and can take the weight of all types of construction traffic and machinery, even a piling rig!

Our panels come flat packed which makes it easy for on-site handling and transportation. We can supply all the necessary accessories, including membranes, geogrid, connecting studs that you will need to complete the install. Once the build has been completed, the CORE TRP® system can be easily removed from site leaving the ground looking like it was never touched. Better still it can be left in place as a subbase for a porous wearing course.


Here to Help

Our committed team are available on 0800 118 2278 to speak with regarding your requirements and how we can assist you.

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