Countrywide Grounds landscapes new garden to provide respite for patients at Alderney Hospital

Rehabilitation patients at Alderney Hospital in Poole are now able to enjoy a new outdoor space following a total redesign and landscape by Countrywide Grounds, the UK’s number one professional grounds maintenance.

The Jersey and Guernsey wards at Alderney Hospital is now able to offer a place of respite that is easily accessible to patients, visitors and staff. The new garden comprises of an artificial grass lawn measuring 40 metres squared, paving, an area of shade and raised beds for the patients to grow and nurture their herbs and plants. There are also a number of new shrubs planted, along with grasses and cordalines to fit in with the surroundings.

When designing the garden, Countrywide chose artificial grass rather than decking as it was essential that the patients had an area to bring their wheelchairs and medical equipment, which was both safe and non-slip in all weathers. It was equally as important that the grass was UV resistant, durable and provided a low maintenance realistic quality lawn that was soft and felt comfortable underfoot.

George Beaty, regional manager of Countrywide Dorset, was delighted to win the contract with Alderney Hospital, adding; “It has been a huge pleasure to work on this project and to completely revive the garden for the patients and their families. We have purposely designed a space that is peaceful, long-lasting and requires minimal upkeep for the staff, whose main priority is their patients. A key element of the landscape was the artificial grass, which was supplied by Perfectly Green, as we wanted to create a lawn that looked like natural grass, didn’t fade in sunlight and stayed green all year round. Artificial grass is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to real grass as it means less work – no watering, fertilizing, or mowing – and more time to relax in a garden that looks good at all times. A perfect solution for a hospital environment – we hope the garden will be appreciated for many years to come.”

Claire Jenkins, an occupational therapist at Alderney Hospital, added: “Our new garden has been totally transformed thanks to Countrywide. It not only looks fantastic, but it is also a very practical and inspiring space for our patients to spend time. Now that the weather has improved, we are able to go outside more and enjoy a different area of rehabilitation, which is crucial for our patients. The raised beds have been a huge success and already we are seeing many green fingers! A big thank you to George and his team for their skills and expertise in bringing our much needed garden back to life.”

Alderney Hospital provides 48 beds for older people who need physical rehabilitation, as well as in-patient units for those with mental health needs including dementia, memory assessment and stroke services.

For further information about Countrywide Dorset and the services it offers, visit Countrywide Grounds Dorset or telephone 07927 716 614.

Countrywide Grounds is one of the trade service brands for the Dwyer Group, Inc and was acquired in May 2017. For more information about the Dwyer Group’s service brands visit

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