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    How to create the perfect company website

    Adam Corrie from Synergy 3 Ltd tells us how business presentation is most effective by building a quality company website.
    Presentation and quality are now more important than ever in the competitive landscaping market. One of the most crucial aspects of your company’s appearance is your website. It is now the first place many prospective clients will look and it is a good opportunity to give a great first impression.
    Creating or updating your site can seem a very daunting task. Many people lack the time to do it themselves or get confused with the jargon-filled quotes from web developers.

    How Do You Do It?

    1) Domains are key
    A good website domain is short and easy to remember. You can check availability for your domain on a variety of sites, such as Godaddy.com and 1and1.co.uk.
    We would always recommend buying a .com and a .co.uk domain under the same name. This will deter competitors of comparable names having a very similar domain to you.
    There are a lot of new domain extensions now available as well, for example .green or .land. These may be worth considering.
    The other benefit of having a domain is that you can set up a professional email. [email protected] looks a lot better than [email protected]
    2) Outline Your Audience and Purpose
    For your website to be most effective, it needs to fit your audience. You may be a landscaping company working solely in the commercial sector. This lends your site to a corporate design, showing detailed working practices.
    Alternatively, you may be working in the domestic sector. So, to make your site effective here you would adopt a friendly, simple design, showing your works and services.
    3) Prepare Your Content
    Whether you decide to go with a web developer or make the site yourself, it is hugely beneficial to have an outline of content.
    This will improve turnaround on both fronts and also save you money with a web developer as they won’t have to charge for content writing.

    The Two Option to Create Your Website

    1) Create Your Own Site
    Creating a simple website yourself is achievable, and many companies choose this option. There are free online template builders which, with some time, will allow you to create an online presence. For reference, take a look at Wix.com or Squarespace.com.
    2) Hiring Web Developers
    The best option to create an effective online platform is to get your website produced by a professional web developer. This can sometimes seem a daunting task. But experts will be able to help develop an effective schedule, work to a budget, and deliver a professional website that meets your requirements.

    Jargon Buster

    ‘Search Engine Optimisation’. In simple terms, this is a process to rank your website highly on google or other search engines.
    A responsive website will resize automatically to fit different size screens – smartphone, tablet, etc.
    Google Analytics
    A free tool which allows you to effectively track your sites performance and viewer activity on your company website.
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