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Creating luxury outdoor spaces with Caribbean Blinds Deluxe Outdoor Living Pod

by | 16 Dec 22 | Features, News

Pro Landscaper speaks with Stuart Dantzic, managing director of Caribbean Blinds about their recent project with Virtue Projects.

Caribbean Blinds recently completed a project with Virtue Projects including their product Deluxe Outdoor Living PodTM. Two of the Deluxe Outdoor Living PodTM were used in client’s project to create a covered outdoor living space fit for entertaining.

Speaking of the brief, Stuart said: “The client had a vision of creating a luxurious, high-end, hotel-like outdoor space where they would be able to host friends ‘in the garden’ all-year round. It would be a place to enjoy great food, drinks and music whilst also being a place of serenity for relaxing and unwinding. The space would need to function as an outdoor/indoor room to create the feeling of being outside while at the same time, being protected from the elements.”

When asked why they suggested the Deluxe Outdoor Living PodTM, Virtue Projects “wanted a seamless design”. This enabled the client to achieve the luxury feel they were after. Stuart added: “It gives them the flexibility they needed. They wanted to put some solid walls in the structure to put an extractor fan in for the kitchen and a back wall to the outdoor living area.”

The seamless structure of the Deluxe Outdoor Living PodTM is also Stuart’s favourite part of the design. The lack of “visible nuts, bolts or fixing” makes it feel as if “it’s extruding up out the ground”.

As the supplier, Stuart said the toughest aspect of this project for Caribbean blinds was finding the right product to fit the landscapers (and therefore the clients) wishes and making sure the product fits the specifications and the brief.

Stuart Dantzic

Stuart comments on the completion of the project: “The results are stunning and exactly what the client had envisaged and more. A beautiful space was created that can be used all year round, from cold and crisp winters to baking hot summers, and the client now has a dream garden area to relax in and entertain friends while being protected from the elements. By opting for two of the Deluxe Outdoor Living Pods, the client has opened a whole new garden space where they can now create great memories.”

Stuart describes it as “exceeding expectations as it met the criteria, but more importantly, it was easy and effortless to install.”

Stuart and the team are not slowing down with multiple projects in the works across their product lines. One of which is using multiple Caribbean Blinds’ Deluxe Pods as outside wellbeing cabanas for a luxury spa hotel.

To find out more about Caribbean Blinds visit the link here

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